Rug Care

A hand-crafted rug should last a lifetime.  We offer in house cleaning and repair services to our clients. Follow the steps outlined below as a basic guide to caring for your Paco Rug:




Mopping the area with a solution of soft soap and warm water is a gentle and effective way to clean spillages and treat everyday stains. If your Paco Rug incurred severe damage, please contact our showroom for advice on how best to treat it.


Brand new rugs tend to shed some fluff.  This is common with all handspun yarn. Vacuum your new Paco Rug often and soon the fluff will disappear.


Yarn prepared by hand is not completely uniform in colour or thickness. When this yarn is dyed it does not take the colour evenly, and these inconsistencies produce a subtle stripe effect in the finished rug, called ‘abrash’. This is a desirable feature of hand-knotted rugs, imparting them with life and character. Rugs made without abrash appear flat and look machine-made.


Paco Rugs uses only the best dyes that offer the most resistance to fading. However, there are no dyes that are completely ‘photo stable’ or impervious to fading in sunlight. Over time, any material left in strong sunlight will fade. Traditionally, the best way to mitigate this effect is to turn a rug from time to time so that at least any fade is even.

Loose threads

When a rug is hand-knotted on the loom, the initial pile is significantly longer and is then sheared down to the desired height. Occasionally some longer threads are not cut and become embedded in the pile. Over time these threads can protrude and should be carefully cut with sharp scissors. It is also possible that an individual knot has missed the warp or weft and therefore comes undone. This also creates a loose thread and, in this instance, it is best to gently pull it out. As each knot is separate the rug will not unravel and the surrounding knots will simply fill in the space. If a thread does not come out easily when pulled, it should be trimmed.

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